Zwift is a steaming pile of shit

Is it obvious I’m angry?
After a few days of no exercise due to raging toothache and a migraine I dosed myself up with codeine and decided to try a ride, more precisely, to ride along on Zwift.

The thing is I have been trying to use Zwift for 6 months now on and off, I’m a geek and I know what I’m doing, I have bought various sensors, I am meticulous in setting them up and still nothing has ever worked

This morning I spent 90 minutes trying to set this up again on Windows, Android and iOS, a lot of frustration and ridiculously sized downloads
I finally managed to get it to connect to my sensors in the Windows app, cadence, speed and heartrate so think I am finally there.
That is until the moment I try to start a ride when I find myself just sat at the start line with a bunch of other riders who are probably in exactly the same boat.
I check my sensors again and whilst they are all showing as connected they tell me I have no signal.
I then tried disconnecting and connecting to my various Garmin devices.
They find the signal without issue.
Zwift again connects instantly but says I have no signal, this is just getting silly now, my will is being eroded, I connect to my Fenix but 6 minutes in I am a broken man, my will has evaporated with my sweat.
I climb off and go back to bed with a donut.

Good luck to those of you that have no issues, I’m out of here.

  • Garmin Fenix 5 Plus
  • Taxc Bluematic Smart Trainer
  • B’Twin Rockrider 560