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Two Towers

I’m not one to blow my own trumpet but we met 2 years prior to this photo and she spoke… read more Two Towers

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I wasn’t going to post today as after 9 hours of IT madness I want to put my foot through… read more Military

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The Lamp

So after yesterday’s post I eventually gave up in frustration, dusted off the old Windows laptop, and continued to scan… read more The Lamp

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Scanning Woes

This is really just a question for my film shooting friends.The one thing holding me back from a complete move… read more Scanning Woes

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One from the archives today, it wasn’t my first scooter, far from it, but it was the first scooter I… read more Youth

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Not a toy

A lot of people deride the Lomo Lubitel as a toy, something that resembles a camera but could never be… read more Not a toy

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The Photographer

I mentioned in an earlier post that Tamara is always the first subject whenever I acquire a new camera.In this… read more The Photographer

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Back in the summer of 2008 I was having major issues in respect of Visa’s, I’d moved from Paris to… read more Silhouette

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The chess players

Contrary to the popular image of street photographers hanging around with small unobtrusive cameras such as Leica I tended to… read more The chess players

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Tamara and I

I mentioned in an earlier post that it has become a bit of a tradition that whenever I get a… read more Tamara and I

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The Selfie

Self-portrait in Paris taken the day I acquired a Mamiya RB67.Tamara is always the subject of the first frame on… read more The Selfie

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I used to see this car a lot around the centre of Paris and, rather weirdly, it was always when… read more Gordini

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Available light photoshoot with my wife and a friend, this was pretty impromptu as I was actually still sleeping when… read more Pearls