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Back in the annals of time, well 1987, my first child, a son, was born and I decided I needed a camera to record his early years.
Money was tight so it had to be cheap and easy to use, a trip to Dixons – a now-defunct British electronics store – introduced me to the Zenith LC-A.
This ticked all the right boxes in that it was cheap as were most Soviet imports at the time and was relatively easy to use once you got your head around the zone focusing.
I used that camera for many years though I’m not sure where it is now, probably sat in the attic at my ex-wife’s home, over the years since I have accumulated quite a few more bodies though most now need a little TLC.
I’ve just loaded this one with expired Kodak Gold 200, it will be interesting to see if it still performs

You can see some examples from one of my bodies over on the film stream @johnnykiev on Instagram.

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