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Ill health has kept me from getting out and about recently with the knock-on effect that I have slumped into something of a malaise, hence a distinct lack of recent posts here.

In an effort to pick me up I thought I’d share my go-to shooting kit which consists of the somewhat humble paring of a Fujifilm X-T100 and the entry-level iPhone SE 2020.

Whilst I do own more expensive cameras, I picked the Fuji up out of curiosity, everybody was lauding the capabilities of its more expensive brethren and I thought I’d obtain one of these cheaper Bayer sensored bodies to see if it would hint as to the Fuji shooting experience, albeit in a much pared-down way.
Sure it is cripple if compared to one of the X-Trans cameras but in its own way, it still provides the Fuji feel with a small selection of Fuji film simulations and provides a perfect step up for anyone looking to go beyond their mobile phone and move up to an interchangeable lens camera without breaking the bank.
One thing it does share with its more expensive stablemates is the vast array of X-Mount lenses that are now available, I’m still getting to know it with the bundled kit lens but do plan on picking up a couple of 3rd party primes from the likes of 7Artisans or Meiki given the bang for buck performance they reputedly offer.
In all honesty, this has now become my daily carry camera, it’s small size and budget price mean I tend to fling it in whatever bag I have with me without worrying too much about damaging it, an added bonus is that it also fits in the pocket of several of my coats with this lens attached, what’s not to like!

Like the Fuji, I bought the iPhone out of curiosity rather than need.
I’d recently took the plunge and made the move from a Windows laptop to a Macbook Air and quickly became enamoured of the Apple OS despite studiously avoiding it for the past 20 years.
The iPhone SE seemed to get rave reviews on various tech blogs so I decided in for a penny in for a pound and hit the buy button, I haven’t regretted the purchase.

Its small form factor took a little getting used to after my previous Android phone but I was soon enamoured of its snappy performance and ease of use.
Sure it only has a single-lens camera but combined with the Apple processing power and 3rd Party camera Apps I have been able to get perfectly usable shots from it, it won’t replace a dedicated camera in all situations but it does come close in some.
I do find myself occasionally going out on personal shoots with just this, it feels liberating not to have a camera slung around my neck all the time.

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