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I spent a big chunk of this morning trying to recover RAW files from a formatted SD card, I was kicking myself that I would have formatted the thing before moving everything to cloud and disk storage and couldn’t understand how such a thing had happed, last Saturday I drove over 300 miles across the north of England visiting historic sites and documenting them, how could I have been so stupid to have not backed everything up as soon as I returned home!

And then Tamara pointed out that I didn’t have a camera with me last week and every picture I took was with my iPhone.

The above image is from yesterday and depicts Cemaes harbour shortly before sunset, again taken with my iPhone SE 2020 although I did have a camera with me too, but looking back the majority of the shots I took yesterday were with the phone and I’m not sure why.
Am I becoming a lazy photographer or is the iPhone good enough for my needs these days?

Sure it is far easier and infinitely more liberating to shove a phone in my pocket and travel camera free, but is has cons too, for a start the iPhone battery life is adequate at best when only making calls and growing the odd social media site, throw in picture taking and the power icon goes into freefall.
Lack of lenses is also a downer, though admittedly I do have the cheapest iPhone in the range so I could perhaps improve things by stepping up to a more accomplished phone shooter such as the iPhone 12, but that is a chunk of money I would rather spend elsewhere.

Perhaps I’m just a bad photographer full stop?
I have some thinking to do…

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