Bad paparazzi

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I’d just finished up working in Serge Lutens and all my cameras were packed safely away as I made my way across Palais Royal, heading for my scooter and home.
Then it happened…

I looked up and just feet away was Anna Kendrick walking a poodle!

Being me I did have one camera easily to hand, slung around my neck, and being me of course it would be the least suitable camera for the occasion, a toy camera loaded with the cheapest film possible, Holga and Shanghai GP3.
Undeterred I brought it to my eye hoping that I had both wound it on after the previous frame and that the focus scale was going to be in the ballpark, clicked the shutter then frantically tried to wind it on to get another shot before she vanished.
This was the better of the two.

I then metaphorically kicked myself all the way home and made myself promise myself that in the future I’d always have at least one fast camera to hand.

Of course, I never kept that promise but I do console myself that there are probably very few folks out there that have shot Anna with a plastic lensed toy!

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