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I do have a fondness for old photos, particularly those that just reflect everyday life in ages past, childhood, work, holidays.
Perhaps it is because I’m getting older and they remind me of a world I once lived in but that sadly no longer exists.

Occasionally I try to create new/old memories with a camera, this being an example.
Whilst it may look like it was shot in the 40s, 50s, or 60s I actually spotted the two boys playing with a boat during a visit to the park at Sceaux in 2013 and had to get at least one picture.
I had a couple of cameras with me at the time but felt that one, a 1950s Voigtlander Vito loaded with expired Polypan F 50, would be the best choice to make this picture and I like to think I was right as looking at it you could be forgiven for thinking it was dug out of my childhood archive.

Sure it is nothing more than a snapshot but weren’t most of the photos taken by our parents and grandparents and they were none the worse for that.

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