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At the risk of this site becoming a tribute to Tamara I’m posting yet another picture of her, last for a while honest, but I’d just posted this to Instagram and thought it could go here too.
Some time ago she woke with a spot on her chest – as soon as I saw it I knew the cause – chickenpox, though she was completely unfamiliar with the disease.
Within hours she was covered head to toe and in a great deal of pain and discomfort, she quickly fell into a dark mood which was only exacerbated when, as the sores vanished, she found she was left with several scars.
She started to hate how she looked and no amount of reassurance on my part helped, I was at a complete loss at how to help her.
Surprisingly she decided to help herself by requesting I shoot her nude, at this, her lowest point.
I’m not sure how she thought it would help but it did, the shots were low quality using a Lomo Lubitel -this being an example – and one of my Holga’s, shot on cheap expired film and processed in Caffenol.
Far from masterpieces but we both liked the resulting images and they went some way to building her confidence back up again.

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