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I make no apologies for another picture of Tamara as I am pretty sure that as the blog progresses she will feature quite prominently, however on this occasion the subject of the photograph was the camera.
Sadly she no longer carries anything other than her phone when out and about which is a crying shame as she is a very good photographer in her own right.
Pictured here is what was her camera of choice for most of the time we lived in Paris, at least when shooting film, an old, battered but very usable Yashica Mat EM.

We still have it though she never gives it a glance these days, occasionally I will pick it up but due to an unfortunate mishap which resulted in a damaged loupe I struggle to focus so more often than not put it down again.
I imagine it would be an easy repair and something I should look into, I enjoyed working with this camera and would like to start up again.

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