Nude in Window

Back in the summer of 2008 I was having major issues in respect of Visa’s, I’d moved from Paris to Moscow 12 months earlier but in the intervening period the relationship between Russia and the UK had deteriorated somewhat resulting in much stricter rules when it came to obtaining a visa and would have resulted in us having to separate for many months and me move back to the UK where I would have been homeless and jobless.
Contacts in Moscow stepped in and after handing out very little money to grease the wheels it was arranged that the Russian Embassy in Kyiv would give me a Visa though I’d have to move there for a time.
So in July Tamara and I jumped on a train in Moscow and headed off for a few weeks in a city neither of us had any experience of.
We packed light taking only an Olympus OM and, a purely weight-based decision, a Holga.
This was one shot from that period in our lives, we’d taken a nice apartment on Maidan Nezalezhnosti at the rear of the building to avoid most of the noise associated with this lively location and found it to be very similar to our Moscow place in that the light was perfect for photography early morning and evening

The Holga is often derided as nothing more than a toy, sure it isn’t an exact science using it, but I have found it to be pretty capable with a little thought.

Not too shabby for a handheld portrait with a plastic lens.