Tamara in Tuileries

I mentioned in an earlier post that it has become a bit of a tradition that whenever I get a new camera Tamara is always the subject of the first frame and too an extent that also applies to new film stock.
This one ticked both boxes as I had just taken ownership of a Contax G1 with Zeiss Planar 45mm together with a bulk roll of Polypan F 50, a film I had never used before.
I discovered I loved both, the Contax for the ease of use and the Polypan purely because I rarely had a bad shot out of it, I found it to quite contrasty and with the odd blemish though I put the latter down to the fact that the roll I bought had semi-melted after being under the sun in a metal container on an outdoor stall.
I initially stuffed the roll in a cupboard and forgot about it but by November, when this was shot, I had decided to give it another try, making up cassettes didn’t install me with hope as the emulsion had caused the film to become sticky but I persevered and loaded a small 12 exposure roll.
I needn’t have worried, despite what I thought would be a disaster I managed 12 reasonable shots and went on to take many more, though if truth be told I did constantly worry that the stickiness of the film would cause issues with the camera so after this first roll I loaded the Polypan exclusively in a Lomo LC-A and an Olympus Trip 35.

Self in Tuileries