Like most of us I’m starting the New Year with various resolutions, I hope to keep them all but if I’ve learnt anything from my in excess of 50 years on this planet it’s that the chances are I won’t, the big motivator however this year is Covid and how I’d be affected given I am now dipping my toes into the shallows of obesity.
That and my lifelong struggles with Asthma and propensity to develop Pneumonia at the drop of a hat.

You’ve probably guessed by now that my main goal this year is fitness, I have a lot of the gear with a tendency to procrastinate, not good bedfellows.
My do everything scales tell me I have a fitness age of 60 and rising, not good when I have yet to reach that milestone, together with considerably more belly fat than is wise.
To combat this I’ve resolved to try and get back to the levels of training I achieved a few years back when I occupied the days of unemployment with mega rides and runs, Covid however curtails what I can and can’t do dependant on current lock down guidance.

To this end I have this morning had a go at riding indoors using Zwift, sure I am very late to the party but better late than never as the old maxim goes.

Now perhaps it is just me but the so called simple process of setting up proved to be far from simple, I only have a “dumb” turbo trainer which in itself is unable to connect so had to go down the route of cadence and speed sensors fitted to the bike, neither of which showed any inclination to speak to the Zwift app either on my phone or laptop!
After fitting two sets of new sealed batteries the laptop finally recognised the signals, the HR strap was recognised first time around, and I was able to join the start line for a ride around Watopia, though it soon became apparent that something was amiss as no matter how hard I pedalled my avatar remained resolutely still, something I initially put down to a message at the top of the screen advising me to do a 7 minute warmup but after 20 minutes of furious spinning with no onscreen movement I quit the program in frustration!

Not to be deterred I took a few deep breaths and booted up again, weirdly I was then able to move off immediately to explore the virtual world, albeit at a rather sedentary pace which bore no resemblance to the effort I felt I was putting in, something I can only put down to the mish mash of unsuitable kit I was using – in addition to the miss matched sensors I was forced to use my MTB as the trainer wouldn’t accept the through axle set up of my road bike.
After 30 minutes of furious effort in the real world and a slow grind in the virtual I threw in the sweat soaked towel to lick my wounds.

If any Zwifters read this, is this normal or is it al related to my Franken setup?
I plan on giving it till the end of my weeks free trial before I cast my final verdict but am wondering if the experience would be better were I too invest in better equipment?

Or do I stick to real world riding and just deal with the current restrictions and lousy weather as required?

I need to think on…

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