Looking ahead, and back

2020 has been a year of change for everyone, societal norms and ways of behaviour have been turned on their head whilst we all adapt to life with the ever present threat of infection from Covid-19, working from home, wearing a mask when in public, respecting personal space a rule rather than a courtesy, all these and more have become part and parcel of everyday life for many people.
My year started much the same as any other, after the post Christmas break I returned to a busy office and the routine that had become so familiar since moving back to the UK and finding a job, I had no reason to expect any change in the immediate future.

Mid January I suffered a reaction to prescribed medication, a reaction that saw me admitted to hospital as an emergency as I was unable to pass water, an admittance that saw me bed ridden for may weeks with constant infections caused by the catheter I was now forced to use.
Weeks passed and Coronavirus arrived though pretty much unnoticed by me as I was housebound, it was just a topical news item that was bound to pass sooner rather than later.

Except it didn’t…
After a couple of very painful and uncomfortable months my catheter was removed and I was given the all clear to return to work, this happened on a Friday so I immediately called them to expect me in on the Monday, almost 3 months since my last day in the office.
Saturday the post dropped on the mat, mainly junk as usual but one envelope caught my eye with a prominent NHS postmark, I opened it expecting an outpatient appointment only to find that I fell into the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable group so was advised to commence shielding against Covid, this meant no going outside, no contact with people, pretty much the last 3 months revisited with slightly less discomfort.

So there you have it, as I type this I’m still working from home, a spare room has been re-purposed as a dedicated office space and my employers have provided a range of equipment to enable me to be productive, initially I started doing my usual work but it became increasingly clear that the pandemic was affecting workload so for now I am working for a different department, helping them out with a backlog of work caused by the double whammy of government reform and Covid.

One thing this exceptional 12 months has done is given me cause to reflect on past decisions and my current life, I’ve many regrets about the past few years and now feel the time is right to make changes for the better.
My wife has sacrificed a lot through her love for me and I increasingly feel that I’ve held her back.
2021 will be the year I make amends.

Watch this space…

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