Lost and found

Olympus Pen E-P1

Forgive the blurry photo, handheld – and mine are shaky – in a darkroom with my phone, but thought I’d share whilst the battery is charging.

I have many cameras, probably in excess of 100 though mostly film, and thought I had sold all my Olympus kit when I traded my OM-D for a Sony A7 so imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this in a box in the loft, appears it has no lenses other than that attached though there are a bunch of adapters for manual lenses.

I have no idea if it still works but the battery is currently on charge so if it does I will be heading out over the weekend to give it a test, if all is well I imagine this will become the saddlebag camera for my rides, small , light and easy to carry, yes I know my phone is too but I seem to recall I enjoyed using this when I first picked it up in Paris around 2009.

Hope I’m not disappointed…

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