Not all is as it appears

Bugatti Replica

Whilst cleaning up a hard drive at the weekend I came across this image taken whilst I was living in Paris, if memory serves I used a Kiev 88 and Bergger film though I’d have to dig out the negatives to confirm which I will do at some point as this is a very low level scan.

At first glance this could be a period photo of a resting Bugatti or at least I hope that is how it comes across whereas it is actually part of a long term project where I shoot cars I come across during my daily business using patience and camera angles to make it appear to be a shot contemporary with the age of the vehicle, you can see more such shots over on Savidi.

On this occasion I had just walked out of WH Smith in Paris to find this parked immediately outside, the street is empty because I waited for a red traffic light to my right and the car itself is a kit based on a Volkswagen I believe.

Still, I was happy with what I got…

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