Long Meg

Standing stones in Cumbria
Prehistoric stone circle

I have always been a fashion and fine art photographer meaning the closest I ever came to a landscape was holiday snapshots, it just wasn’t an area of photography that interested me.

After Covid shielding ended I just had to get out as due to hospitalisation prior to the Pandemic I’d been housebound for almost 9 months and was going stir crazy, we started to drive out to remote locations away from people to get air and exercise whilst still practising a degree of isolation.
Long Meg and her daughters was one of those locations.

Situated near Penrith in Cumbria Long meg is an early Bronze age circle and holds the honour of being the sixth largest in North West Europe with a large proportion of the stones still upright, somehow it escapes the attention of sites such as Avebury and Stonehenge despite being equally as impressive, perhaps because of the relatively remote location.

As usual I had my carry everywhere Fuji X-T100 in the glovebox so braved a herd of inquisitive cows to grab a few mementoes of the visit.
Usually on returning home from these trips I download the contents of the memory card and promptly forget about them but in a moment of boredom I decided to play with this file and see what I could do with it, this black and white rendition being one of several outcomes.

Whilst it is no Ansel Adams it has got me thinking that I should spend more time shooting outdoors and perhaps stop procrastinating and take one of my Large Format cameras into the field.

Watch this space…

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