Look before you leap

A week or so ago, after quite a lot of procrastination, I decided to order a Garmin Edge 130 from Amazon.
As I have only just bought a Garmin Fenix 5 Plus it wasn’t that I needed another fitness device to record rides, but never having owned a bar mounted Garmin, instead relying on constantly looking at my wrist, I though the Edge 130 was a good way to ease myself into this type of device, especially as it is currently only £99, probably due to the recent release of the Garmin Edge 130 Plus.

I looked at a lot of devices but discounted most as I wanted to remain in the Garmin ecosystem and the 130 ticked all the right boxes for me, connectivity, breadcrumb navigation – I don’t need maps as I am pretty good at memorising routes and at a pinch the Fenix does have this function – and, most importantly, long battery life.

The 130 is sold as having up to 15 hours battery life, something I wouldn’t expect with a more realistic real world life of 12 hours being what I hoped to obtain which is more than enough to cover an all day ride with juice to spare.

Thing is after a week of use I wasn’t getting close to either of these two figures, 2 hours riding would see me down to a single bar of energy no matter what I tried.
I disconnected all my external sensors and tried using it that way, it made no noticeable difference nor did experimenting with the various GPS settings by trying different satellites.

Now what I haven’t mentioned was the delivery as when I received it there were no seals on the box, something I did find a bit odd given the device came from Garmin via Amazon, I just thought that perhaps these boxes weren’t sealed.
To add to this, when I placed the order it was originally out of stock and I was told that there would be a wait of a few weeks yet it then arrived a couple of days later.
Given the battery issues and the lack of seals I’m now starting to think that I have been sent used goods.

A conversation with a call agent pretty much confirmed the same this morning, though she didn’t actually use the words refurbished or returned she did confirm that there had been a mix up with my order and that a replacement would be sent to arrive tomorrow.

Moral of this tale, if it isn’t sealed, return it!

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