It has been a few days since I last posted here but I do have an excuse, honest guvnor.
Mainly I have been getting out, my health is a little suspect at the moment so I am trying to boost my fitness with some easy exercise in the hope of regaining my pre coronavirus state of health, you can follow that journey by clicking the Fitness link up there in the menu.
Incase that is too much trouble here’s a couple of shots from todays outing.

I’ve also bought myself a shiny new domain to host my portfolio rather than here as the place is starting to feel a little cluttered and disjointed.
As I have been having issues with the IT kit provided by my employers I have used the downtime to get cracking on the new site, it is very much barebones at the moment but the basic structure is in place, if you want to check it out just follow the link below.


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