A world gone mad

Today is a little rant for a change.

Yesterday the government lifted lockdown even more, the main focus being on re-opening bars and pubs.
It hasn’t gone well with social distancing seemingly going out the window as scenes in Soho and other cities attest.
Why did Boris think this was a good idea?

My lockdown began earlier than most as I was taking ill in January 2020 requiring fitting of a catheter which unfortunately had the knock on effect of confining me to my home after I found I couldn’t walk more than a few meters without excruciating pain.
Sure I tried to go to work but was sent home after a couple of hours as I just couldn’t function and was in far too much pain.

We move on 3 months or so and I am given a date to have the catheter removed, as I haven’t seen anybody socially since Christmas this was big news for me, I could go out again, drive, visit my family that live a long way from my home.

The nurse came to my home and I gritted my teeth as it was removed, as long as I was able to pass water OK in the next few hours it would remain out and I would be able to resume life as I knew it.
There was no issue with toilet habits so the hospital gave me the go ahead to return to work and continue life as normal.

The following day was Friday, it had been agreed I would return to work on the next Monday so I had planned on a drive out to the seaside with my wife and a generally chilled weekend to slowly get back into a normal routine.
All those plans went out the window at 9:20 am when the postman put a single piece of mail through the letterbox.
It was from the government advising that I had been identified as extremely clinically vulnerable so was to shield for the next three months., and not only I, from that date my wife was also effectively in lockdown with me.

Boredom set in pretty quickly, it was one thing being bedbound as previously with an illness, but I felt ok yet all I could do was look out of a window and imagine how the world was changing.
We tried to put in place things to help with everyday life, registering with the supermarkets for home deliveries via the government website for vulnerable people, a registration that to this day has done nothing.
Getting food has been an almost insurmountable challenge and we have lived on a ration of breakfast cereal in the main until a couple of weeks ago when the local council gave me a phone number where I could order food from an essential list, no luxuries but it has enabled us to vary our diet.

As Covid wore on my employer started to look at ways to enable home working, something previously unheard of other than for management within the civil service.
There were many teething problems and still some issues to be ironed out but at least now I can feel productive again, I am enjoying working from home and the limited contact it gives me with my colleagues, i feel useful again.

Now Boris has said that support for shielding people will end on August the 1st.
The virus is still out their, adopting a semblance of normality by re-opening pubs doesn’t make it less so and, if the behaviour of the pubgoers on the first day is anything to go by, it appears we may be heading for an even bigger crisis than the first, a week or so from today we should know how this behaviour has impacted.

I was looking forward to August, even if my return to normality was only a day or so a week.
No longer, I am not prepared to risk my life just so you can go to the pub.

If anyone reads this, please consider your fellow man, you may be young and fit and in the group least likely to suffer any major effects from an infection.
I and many like me are not, I have had repeated pneumonia over the last couple of years and am a lifelong asthmatic, I look after myself and maintain a good level of fitness, hell I could probably destroy you on a cycling hill climb, but my body doesn’t do a very good job of fighting infection and I am susceptible to what you’d probably shrug off.

Please, think before you drink, give everyone a chance to consign this very real crisis to history.

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