Wall flowers

One big change in my life brought about by Covis-19 is working from home, I have been housebound from mid January, initially through illness then the day I was given the all clear to return to work I received a letter from the government advising me to shield and not leave my home for 12 weeks.
On current advice I am to stay indoors until August 1st.

As boredom set in I looked for ways to fill time and was kind of giving up hope when the department I work for started trialling home working, a see change for them, I received a computer and other required bits and pieces and set about converting a spare room into an office.

To cheer the space up a little Tamara has started to decorate my desk with flowers from our small courtyard, all grown from cuttings she found on our regular walks before the lockdown.
I never got this in the office.

In turn this has got me thinking about my photography again, I may join the crowds and start taking a daily photo of something mundane around my home.

It’s a new beginning.

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