The Viking

I posted yesterday a shot I took whilst climbing Snowdon last year and, despite appearances, what a crowded climb it was, the world and his family had descended on the ascent.

Sony A7

You get all sorts attempting the climb and various stages of preparation, it never fails to surprise me the number of people that think flip flops shorts and a wife beater are suitable attire.
Occasionally however you do see someone that stands out and on this day it was a Viking warrior.

Obviously I had to stop him for a picture and enquire after his story.
It seems he was doing the climb for charity and was supposed to be part of a much bigger raiding party but by the time the day arrived everyone had dropped out.
Undeterred he did the ascent alone.

I’m pretty sure his sheepskin cloak would have been more than welcome at the summit however here about a third of the way up temperatures were in the 30s and I imagine he was starting to suffer a little.

Sadly I have forgotten his name.

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