The ride

My life isn’t all about shooting ancient film cameras and eulogising about times gone by, occasionally I like to go out and thrash the hills on a road or mountain bike, no big camera, just a cell phone to record the trip.

Wiley Fox Swift

The above shot was captured when I was attempting to plot a 50 mile circular off road route from my home, so far I have managed to get it to about 40km and other than the first kilometre from my doorstep, the nearest dirt is that far away, I’m hoping to get as close as possible to the 50 in the coming months.
This was last summer before Covid appeared, the bike pictured is a B’Twin Rockrider from Decathlon and was sadly stolen a couple of days later.
I’d taken it back to the store for its first service and became a little alarmed when they hadn’t called after a few days to say it was ready for collection, usually there was a 24 hour turnaround.
I went unto the store and when they went to the store room to bring the bike out they discovered it had been stolen, all wasn’t lost however as without hesitation they offered me a replacement new bike and upgraded me to a much more expensive model for all the trouble.
I can’t recommend Decathlon enough!

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