The Wheel

If we ignore my flirtation with Holga cameras as they are viewed as toys you could say that my first serious Medium Format camera was a Kiev 88 though there are many that consider these too are toys.

Kiev 88, Fomapan 100

I own several bodies, backs and lenses now but for some time I had a sinle unit, bought when living in Moscow via a Russian market place website and a midnight meeting in a metro station.
Weirdly a lot of my camera purchases in Russia involved secretive meetings on metro stations.

I have to admit I knew zero about the Hasselbladski as it is affectionately known when I bought it, so had to spend a considerable amount of time online figuring out its various quirks, even loading film proved to be an obstacle, though not insurmountable.
For its first outing I headed over to Московский государственный университет имени М. В or M.S.U for short figuring the Stalinist architecture would be a suitable subject for such a soviet camera, after of course taking the traditional portrait of my wife as the first frame.

Wandering around the grounds I came across yet another Volga, seemingly abandoned , one of several to be found in the various car parks scattered around the main building.
This Volga happened to have no passenger window so I held the camera in the car at arms length, guesstimated the exposure and shutter speed, and fired off a single frame.
The above image was the result of that moment and the birth of my love of the big Kiev cameras, you could say Johnny Kiev was born that day.

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