Back in the dawn of time I was to go away on a school trip for a week to the Isle of Man, a trip that would be my first time away from home without my parents, I would have been about 10 years old.
To record the occasion I was given a gift before leaving with a brief instruction on how to operate it, an Olympus Trip 35 camera and a camera I still have and use to this very day.

Olympus Trip 35, Svema 64

Those early pictures have long since vanished, I don’t even recall ever seeing them so perhaps I messed up those first few rolls, the camera however is still capable of producing fine images.
The above photo was made a few years ago on my morning stroll from my apartment in Montmartre, a view across the rooftops of Paris captured on Svema 64, a Soviet era emulsion with a very thin base that I bought in bulk when living in Moscow and a film that remains one of my favourites for the timeless feel it gives to images.
Sadly my supply is now exhausted, but it was fun whilst it lasted.

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