The first

In an earlier post I mentioned the On Waking project.
This was where it began.

Kiev 60, Fomapan 100

When I lived in Moscow I was fortunate to have an apartment where the dawn sunrise was off the scale, even on the grimmest of days in the coldest of Russian winters we seemed to get a magnificent burst of light through our bedroom window to prepare us for the day.
On this occasion I suggested we utilise this light and grab a few shots with a Kiev 60 I had purchased in райо́н Арба́т a few days earlier, I was still a relative newcomer to Medium Format photography so this was very much a learning roll and, fortunately, a very successful one at that.
So successful in fact that we decided there and then that the morning light should never be wasted, our On Waking project was born.
I have stated this was Fomapan 100 as I’m relying on memory this being an old scan and I need to do some digging for the negative to check.
If found otherwise I will update the description.

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