Russians still celebrate the end of The Great Patriotic War or WWII and there are many monuments to this effect, perhaps the largest being Park Pobedy (Парк Победы) on Poklonnaya Hill to the south east of Moscow centre, the name translates to Victory Park

Olympus OM2, Ilford Pan 100

I used to kill a lot of time in that park between appointments.
Despite being so close to the city centre and the teeming millions I would often find myself alone with my thoughts in what is quite a vast space.
That is unless it was one of the various “Forces days” that the Russians are so fond of when the place was suddenly full of drunks in the uniforms that they wore when they were several pound lighter regaling passers by with tales of their service or sadly, in far too many cases, spoiling for a fight.

This wasn’t one of those days so I made my way over to the avenue that run parallel to Kutuzovsky avenue and made a series of images of the tanks that align it, these to me are the most impressive monuments in the park, unlike the massive structures and fountains, these hulks of metal saw the horror, were part of the horror and now rest peacefully as a testament to mans folly.

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