Jaguar Joy

There are some cars you see everyday, others occasionally and some are as rare as hens teeth , I believe this falls firmly in the latter category.

Lomo LC-A, Kodak Ultra 100

The Jaguar XKSS was intended to be a road going version of the Le Mans winning D-Type and went into production in 1957, twenty five cars were partially completed when a fire in the Browns Lane plant in 1957 destroyed nine of them leaving only sixteen to be sold to customers.
That said Jaguar did recently launch a plan to build a series of replicas from the original plans to be sold for a cool million pounds each which is considerably less than the ten million plus that originals fetch.
This however is one of those originals.

I heard it before I saw it as I was returning to my office after lunch, this was before camera phones were of much use so I pulled out my carry everywhere camera at the time, the Lomo LC-A, and managed a single shot before it vanished in the distance.
I then kicked myself for having such a basic camera with me for a once in a lifetime shot vowing I would reconsider my choice of a do everything camera.
I didn’t re-consider quick enough as less than a week later I saw another XKSS in almost the same spot, a chance in a million, and again the LC-A was all I had to capture it.
C’est la vie.

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