I came to photography relatively late in life, sure like most people, I had taken photos from a young age, but I had little or no interest in the process, it was merely a means to an end, a way of recording holidays and memorable events.
My passions back then as a youth were music and scooters, passions that have remained with me to this day, photography was still to make an impact.

Lomo LC-A, Kodak Ultra 100

The birth of my first child was the catalyst for me taking a little more of an interest in photography though still not the passion it has become today. Back in 1987 I needed a camera to record his early years and for some reason lost in the mists of time I didn’t think my Olympus Trip 35 would be up to the job.
Money was tight so I was limited as to what I could get to replace it, eventually I settled on a Soviet Import picked up from Dixons in a sale, the now legendary Lomo LC-A.
Back then it was just a cheap camera with little to recommend it over the hundreds of other cameras available at the bottom end of the market, to this day I don’t recall why I chose it though I do know I didn’t get on with the thing so it was quickly relegated to a draw.
Several years later there came a move to Paris and I took the Olympus and Lomo with me, they were small and took up little space, I was moving with a single suitcase so they became my only cameras for quite a while.
I started to experiment with the Lomo more, cross processing film and following the newly formed Lomography society ethos of shooting from the hip.
Soon I was known to those around me as Johnny Lomo and photography was suddenly so much more than something I did on high days and holidays.
(I’ll leave you to figure out why I now go by the Johnny Kiev moniker)

The above image is an example of what I was doing back then, focus was an imprecise science, it was more about capturing the mood and the moment, and hey, who doesn’t love an old red Vespa!

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