I’m currently scanning my archive, a task that I imagine is going to take me a considerable length of time which is probably measured in months rather than weeks.
Something that is jumping out at me so far, and I am only 6 rolls of film in, is how many photos I have taken of Volga motor cars, particularly the GAZ M21 of which this is an example I used to see daily.

Volga Gaz M21, Olympus OM2n, Ilford Pan 100

It would be parked outside the gates of our Soviet era apartment block adding a touch of 50s glamour to the backdrop of construction that seemed to be under way 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.
Sadly I never met or even saw the owner, though I can confirm it was being used at it did park up and down the street.
A pleasant change to the glut of Hummers and Range Rovers usually found being driven by my neighbours.

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