27 Feb, 2021

A quick question

A lot of the time I use my new MacBook whilst sat at my desk, it alternates with my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Laptop dependant on whether I’m doing work for my employer of working for my self, the Mac being my personal device. The question is do I leave it connected to power constantly […]

Cameras, Photography
20 Feb, 2021

What’s with Kiev?

It’s a short story, I can’t afford a Hasselblad! Rewind to 2007 when I unexpectedly found myself living in Moscow, and whilst browsing the Russian equivalent of eBay I spotted a Hasselblad for a silly price, a price that was well within my means which meant that there had to be a catch, right?In this […]

19 Feb, 2021

I’m not the man I used to be

January 2020 started for me pretty much like any other January over the past half-century or so, it was cold grey and full of the false promise of newly baked resolutions that are doomed to failure before I make them.Work was ticking along as work has a habit of doing, never surprising me often boring […]